The Photo Biographer has transformed the camera into the new paintbrush.

Life is made up of special moments, people and memories we would like to freeze in time and take with us anywhere we go. For a long time, photography has been the preferred choice to do so. “Photography has been a reflection of my life” says photographer PIPE Yanguas. “It gives the ability to re-live those wonderful moments over and over again. This is an experience that photography enables us to feel in a very powerful way”.

PIPE Yanguas works with the Passions of people. He will use whatever moves your heart or drives your life as the theme for your photoshoot; it can be your passion for horseback riding, boat sailing, playing an instrument, painting, family time, pets, fashion, jewelry, sports or even your car. PIPE shoots using natural lighting and the setting will be chosen according to your preference; as long as it reflects your lifestyle and is a space that is common for you or dear to your heart.

PIPE does not shoot weddings or similar events; instead, his photography is more personal and aims to capture spontaneous special moments. He believes that the best day of your life should not just be the milestones like your wedding day, graduation or birthday, but actually TODAY, and every day! Each day is to be considered worth capturing; today is the best day of your life, just like it should be every day. Through his photography, PIPE communicates and documents people’s happiness in their day-to-day life and creates for them a PHOTObiography book. This printed art-piece will grow and blossom over time, photoshoot after photoshoot, portraying your passions and happiness at every step of the way.

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